Mission & Approach

RGoodman Associates is dedicated to building the capacity of organizations and individuals to sustain high performance.  We are dedicated to creating strong working partnerships with our clients, clear and rigorous thinking based on scholarship and research in the fields of organizational development and high performance, delivering work of the highest quality, and continuous learning.

While we begin each engagement helping our clients establish priority goals and metrics, five qualities distinguish our approach.

Customized in-depth assessment
We develop robust quantitative and qualitative techniques relevant to our clients' needs based on our cumulative experience and research in organizational development and high performance.

Sequential learning
We are expert in the areas of adult and group learning.  We design and deliver targeted learning activities that build on one another to support every phase of our clients' development plans.

Adaptive design
We are responsive to the dynamic nature of organizations. As new challenges emerge in an engagement, we customize our approach to reflect shifts in clients' priorities.

Capacity building
Our ultimate objective is to help our clients learn how to learn. We teach teams, groups and leaders how to do what we do so that individual and group capacity is sustained.

Personal Commitment
We pledge to partner with our clients every step of the way toward achieving their objectives.

To learn more about how we translate these principles into action, see Our Practice Areas.

updated: 14 years ago