Kyle Dover

Kyle Dover is an associate consultant with RGA. He is a partner in Teleos Consulting. Teleos consultants coach individual executives and senior management teams on ways to create sustainable success through building organizational capability and then aligning that capability with business strategy.
Kyle served as a consultant to the General Electric WorkOut and Change Acceleration programs, which transformed the G.E. culture to create fast, flexible, and high performing organizations. In these programs, he coached senior executives, directed WorkOut sessions, and conducted program evaluations. He also led project teams focused on cycle time reduction, integrating product design and assembly, and work simplification and empowerment.

Kyle was formerly a managing consultant for Novations Group, a consulting firm specializing in strategic organization design. In this role, he directed projects at both organization and strategic business unit levels. Kyle also held management positions in organizational development and training for Abbott Laboratories and Wendy's International. Current and recent clients include Pfizer, MetLife, Merck, Columbia Energy, Medco, G.E. Aircraft Engines, CIBC, and Abbott Laboratories.
Kyle holds a B.S. in Education and a Master's in Human Resource Management and Organization Development from Ohio State University.

updated: 15 years ago