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On Team Development...

RGA's performance [working with our team] has been outstanding. Bob has developed a high level of trust between himself and the team, he has an outstanding diagnostic skill in getting to the core of an issue, and he makes highly actionable recommendations. ...Partly as a result of his contributions, our team is performing at a higher level than ever and we have made tangible progress in all the areas we identified at the start of the year. Based on the results Bob achieved with our team, I have expanded the scope of his work to help us improve alignment across multiple departments within the organization.
Product Team Leader, Global Pharmaceutical Company

What I appreciate most about RGA's approach is that they take a comprehensive and in depth look at the issues at hand. With these personalized insights, they devise solutions that work, through relevant and meaningful processes that are thought provoking and fun.
Marketing Director, Global Pharmaceutical Company

The extent to which RGA embeds themselves in teams is unique. RGA goes far beyond standard interviews and canned recommendations by understanding — and appreciating — the idiosyncracies of the team and environment. They're able to identify the different issues and dynamics, providing a richer context for the recommendations they bring back.
Marketing Manager, Global Pharmaceutical Company

RGA has supported role clarification activities, team building and their interview techniques are particularly effective.  ...Our company is fortunate to have RGA working continuously with us. My own personal benefit and that of my team have driven both business results and improved overall employee satisfaction.
VP, Therapeutic Head, Global Pharmaceutical Company

RGoodman Associates planned and ran a day long Myers Briggs retreat for our IT group. The entire department developed an understanding of individual work styles and how different personalities function together on teams because of Bob Goodman's tremendous presenting skills, good use of materials and the day's organization. Bob was great to work with during the entire project from the initial planning through follow up meetings after the retreat.
Patti L. Nash, Director, Data Systems and Technology, New England Research Institutes

updated: 13 years ago