Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching
Leadership coaching is one of RGA's core areas of expertise. Bob Goodman is a founding board member of The Executive Coaching Forum, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to establishing best practices and ethical guidelines for the field of executive coaching worldwide.  He is also a Master Coach Supervisor in The Executive Coaching Certification Program at The Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology.

RGA develops leaders at all levels of for- and not-for-profit organizations, including Board Chairs, CEO's, Senior Executives, VP's and line managers, in privately held enterprises and publicly traded corporations.  We also coach family and non-family leaders of family owned and operated enterprises.

RGA adheres to seven principles of executive coaching to ensure the engagement is:

Conducted within the organizational goals and objectives

Oriented toward specific desired results

Focused on the key business initiatives relevant to the leader

Conceived of as a partnership among all key stakeholders: executive, manager, human resource professionals, O/E, and coach

Led by a coach who maintains high standards of expertise and ethical behavior, and exercises good judgment

Executed with integrity by all key stakeholders

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updated: 13 years ago